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As an artist who has had some big fun with inflation/expansion/size diff, I dig that there's SizeCon in NYC. 😁I can't make it this year, but anyone in the area should check it out! -
Patreon Exclusive Comic -What If? - Preview (1-1) by rampant404

Patreon Exclusive Comic -What If? - Preview (1-2) by rampant404


I’m SO excited to finally unveil this one. Supporters on my Patreon at the $10 dollar level can now download the first installment in a spin-off comic I was commissioned to do, of the Tales of Schlock cast in a DIRECT SEQUEL to the Incubus storyline!!

In “WHAT IF…?” #01, Manoa returns home from her experience with the Incubus unaware that the ancient sex god’s ‘blessings’ have made her hyper fertile. It isn’t long before Deedo and Manoa discover this the hard way, when Manoa finds herself suddenly knocked up! But… with what?

Fans of bootylicious latinas, hyper-pregnancy, or just cute stories of couples thrown into crazy circumstances will love this series! 

Become a supporter at the $10 level today and get the entire 21 page full color comic, plus all the other bonuses available to my supporters!

-Vote on our poll-driven story and see the results a week before anyone else!
-Get a front seat during open requests!
-See Sketches and WIPs exclusive to patreon!
-And MORE!!


Playdough Dick - Preview by rampant404

This is our inaugural NSFW choose-your-own-adventure, driven by my awesome supporters on Patreon! Want to see what happens when aliens kidnap two friends and introduce them to a shape-shifting, mind-controlling blob from the Orion nebula? Come join us!

All supporters will see pages a week before they're posted anywhere else (sorry, DA, most of this will still be too spicy for you!). Supporters at the $3 level get to vote on the story's progression!

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Guess who’s finally joining the cool kids on Patreon?

If you’re a fan of my comic “Tales of Schlock” or my art, or just have an interest in fun, schlocky fetishy goodness, please consider becoming a supporter!! There’ll be a lot of material exclusively for supporters, and you can be in the pool of people who have access to open request hour and poll-driven image sets!

Hope to see you there, it’s going to be a blast. ;)Rampant404's Patreon is Now Live! by rampant404

The Legend of Magna - Pt. 3 (Preview 1) by rampant404

The Legend of Magna - Pt. 3 (Preview 2) by rampant404

Magna & her Groll lover Junior enjoy the magical mushrooms that allow her to gain immense weight & lose it after sex. When Junior disappears, Magna must go into the outside world to find him before she becomes immobile forever. 26 color pages.

Check it out here ->…

Thanks again for the support everyone!!! Keep it up, and I promise more (and more!!) Magna to come! ;)

I finally signed up in support of a couple of my fave artists, and it seems like a nice system. I've had suggestions before that it might be something that would work for me as well.

So, WOULD y'all be interested? And if so, what sort of stuff would you like to see? (Sketches/WIPs, requests, early issues/color issues/request comics, raffles, etc.)

The Legend of Magna pt.2 - Preview by rampant404

Magna has been turned into a SSBBW Immobile Giantess by the wicked Grolls. She is worshipped as their goddess & used as their temple. But, one Groll seems to have more intimate desires for our heroine.

Check it out here ->…

Thanks for all the love on part one of this story! If part two is just as well received, I promise there’s plenty more where that came from! :D


Spunky young Magna is setting out on her first adventure, deep into the heart of a nearby cave! But when she is captured by the cave's inhabitants, she quickly realizes she's in BIG trouble. Her captors have a need for a woman with a little more meat on her bones, as the petite Magna will soon discover…

The Legend of Magna - Preview (1) by rampant404

The Legend of Magna - Preview (2) by rampant404

This is an entirely new, full color, 22 page story of epic proportions. The lovely Magna rapidly becomes the immobile center of a clothes bursting, ever expanding misadventure. Check it out now over at Process Productions!!

PLEASE comment if you like this sort of thing, sequels will materialize if the demand is there! :D

NSFW!!! :o

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you the first ever animated Tales of Schlock, featuring your reader's choice pics for content. 

Preview here -> www. imagefap. com/photo/1182936845/ (delete spaces to follow link)

Download it here! -> www. mediafire. com/?56i7ggj1328qgao (delete spaces to follow link)

Thanks so much everyone who supported me through all the learning curves, all the setbacks, all the technical issues, till we finally landed here at a finished product. It's not perfect; there's things I would do differently if I had it to do over again, but giving my little H-comic a fourth dimension like this was an amazing experience, and one that really pushed me outside my comfort zone.

Enough yapping. Enjoy seeing Manoa's booty in motion. ;)


Okay y'all, I'm VERY excited to announce a new image series available over at Process Productions! 

Voluptuous Sandy is lured into Max & Mandy`s bakery with free samples… but it’s Sandy who's on the menu! First she is caged and fattened-up by her captors, all while receiving their special sexual 'treatments’. But the shocker comes when Sandy begins to turn to ooey-gooey dough in their kneading hands! 

Check out this gallery of 22 high-res full-color pics over at!!

(A special thanks to Alexix, the original commissioner of this amazing story!)
Hey everyone! I just finished an epic little story, and my first ever website-content job! If you like my comics, I can't recommend strongly enough that you check it out over at!

More details-


Introducing an ALL-NEW story, featuring everyone's favorite super-booty super heroine and pleasingly plump barista!

Synopsis: An alien forces Miz Manoa to gain weight, but every time Queen B attempts a rescue, her ass expanding powers go haywire. How will she prevail?


-​31 full color pages + Cover!
-the return of Queen B, who's booty will be expanded larger than ever before!
-Manoa, who's weight will increase to never before seen extents! (And... lows?!)

Check out my first ever website exclusive content, available ONLY at! (And support a poor artist who loves making y'all happy, eh?)
Hey all! As we get 2013 off to a start here, I wanted to put together a good short list of my prices for everything. Thanks for all the support you awesome people!
COMMISSIONS! Looking for a portrait done of your original character? Maybe you'd like me to depict a specific scene or scenario? Whatever it is you're looking for, I can make it happen.

Pencil art - $12
Inked & Colored - $29


If you enjoy my comic 'Tales of Schlock', I also sell deluxe versions through my site. Inked and colored versions of back issues available as e-comics, and more being added all the time!

Silver editions (Inked, B&W)  - $1.99

Gold edition (Inked, color) - $2.99

More info available at my site, or EMAIL
Hello all! We've got a new deal brewing for you, as hot as black coffee! To celebrate our 400 page landmark, and y'all's amazing continued support, we will now be offering…

ONE FREE GOLD ED. ISSUE OF TALES OF SCHLOCK with every inked commission! Aw yeah. You read that right. Instead of ONE high-rez,inked and colored masterpiece, you'll get TWENTY-ONE!

All of the first six issues are now available as Gold editions, with a little something for everyone! For bondage, big boobs and bigger butts, check out our original "Doctor Patient Confidentiality" storyline! For exotic adventures and lecherous monsters, how about "Bride of the Mummy"? And of course, brand new, we have the first installment in our most popular series: "Coffee, Tea, or Me?". If the bootylicious and thick Manoa says she wants you… she gets you!

Not interested in a commission piece at this time? Remember, our Gold Editions are still available individually at extremely reasonable rate! And for a true porntastic recession buster, our B&W Silver editions are also available at a discount!

Interested? Drop us a line at!
Hello all! If you enjoy my comic 'Tales of Schlock' (most of which, BTW is way, way WAAAAY too spicy for DA, wink wink), consider picking up a deluxe copy of one of your favorite issues, won't you? Issues 1-5 are now available through my site, (with more being added just as fast as I can). There's a couple versions of each -

Silver editions: Inked, reedited and revised to bring it up to a whole new level (in glorious B&W!)

Gold edition: everything awesome in the silver edition, but with COLOR!!!

Questions? Don't hesitate to give me a buzz!

Hello all! To welcome the new year, I'm offering special discounted rates on my commissions! From now through Feb. 29th (Woo! Leap year!!) My rates will be as follows:

$12 for pencil sketches (for 20'12'!)
$29 for inked/colored pieces (for Feb. 29th!)

I'm not gonna lie, it's been a real cold winter and I've got to pay my heating bill (and electric and rent and, um, food...) so I'm really motivated to make some satisfied customers. Make me an offer!

Interested folks: Reply here or e-mail me at
I've launched a new site for my art & comics - check it out at!

Also, for those who've been asking, yes I do accept commisssions! Email me at for details.
I try to be respectful of DeviantArt's stance on adult media, so I only post some of the tamer stuff here. for the full webcomic and more, check out my blog:
Hope to see you there!